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Shri Dayagiribapu
Kailash Mansarovar
Yatra (A Report)

Billi Mahima
Shiv Stotra's
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The contents of Shiva Mahapuran are separated into the following Samhitas.

Section One: Vidheshwar Samhita.
  1. Questions of Shaunkadi Munis.

  2. The greatness and specialty of the literature Shiva Mahapuran.

  3. Final destiny path and the seeker.

  4. Liberation,thinking meditation and listening.

  5. Secrets of Shiv ling and the statue.

  6. The tussle between Bhrama and Vishnu.

  7. Fantasy by Brahma and the bliss to Vishnu.

  8. Mercy on Brahma and a Kevda flower by Shiva.

  9. Practices in Shiva pooja and Maha Shivarathri.

  10. Punav mantra advised to Brahma and Vishnu by Lord Shiva.

  11. Establishment of Shiva Ling and methods of worship and its benefits.

  12. Places of Shiva pilgrimage and specialty of each place.

  13. Daily religious duties (nithya karma) and duties of a person in grahastha ashram.

  14. The five mahayagna's with the principals and practices.

  15. Significance of area of donations and various vessels used in pooja.

  16. Parthiv pooja of Lord Shiva.

  17. Explanation on Omkar and Shiva ling worship methodology.

  18. The pictures of salvation and liberation and the methods of its achievements.

  19. Specialties of Shiva ling and Lord Shiva's worship.

  20. The Vedanta methodology of parthiv Shiva ling prayers.

  21. Types and numbers of parthiv Shiva ling, the methods and benefits of pooja vidihi.

  22. Sacrifices to Lord Shiva, (nai-vaidya) and pooja with Bili-patra.

  23. The powers and significance of bhasma (the holy ash), Bili and Rudraksha.

  24. Usage of bhasma and its benefits.

  25. The reasons for wearing a Rudraksha.

Section Two: Rudra Samhita (Part one —Shushtiushakyan Kand)
  1. Questions asked by the munis to suth purani

  2. Description of tap(penance) by Mardi.

  3. Desires of Mardi.

  4. Advises from Lord Vishnu to Mardi.

  5. Questions asked to Lord Bhrama by Naradji.

  6. Creation of Vishnu.

  7. Arguments between Vishnu and Bhrama.

  8. Description of shadha of Bhrama.

  9. Mahadev's appearance and description of Shivatatava.

  10. Blessings of mahadev and creation of Mahakal.

  11. Methods of Shiva pooja.

  12. The nirgun and saugun bhakthi(devotion) of Lord Shiva.

  13. Methods of prayers to Lord Shiva.

  14. Different types of Shiva pooja (worship of Shiva).

  15. Description of the nature and creation that was produced by Bhrama.

  16. Srushti(nature) of Bhrama.

  17. Characters of Gunanidhi.

  18. Salvation of Gunanidhi.

  19. Friendship of Lord Shiva and Kuber.

  20. Description of Rudra Avathar (incarnation).

Shri Dayagiribapu

Param Pujya Shri Dayagiri Bapu belongs in the Goswami sect founded by Adya Guru Shankaracharya. He is a learned, respectable, virtuous and a very simple saint, who is an adept in singing praise of Load Shiva. He can enchant his disciples by singing the divine attributes of Lord Shiva in his melodious voice and simple language.

It is not an easy task to understand and explain the attributes of Lord Shiva. But he has achieved mastery in describing the attributes of Lord Shiva through his melodious voice. Maharaj shri has conducted such musical Navahn Paroyans in various countries. He has enchanted the audiences every where.
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